Complete Turnkey Solutions

SunSure Energy is the complete solutions partner on your Solar Power journey. We help you from conceptualizing your solar investment to commissioning of the asset and its operations over the complete lifetime - all from under one roof!

Customized Solutions

We steer clear of one-size-fits-all solar systems because your roof and power needs are one-of-a-kind. Instead we design custom systems that provide better performance and a better experience

In-house Expertise

Our team of experienced consultants, engineers and financial analysts enable us to provide you with a holistic and consistent experience. Be it questions on choosing the best design, technology or financial structure - we service you from under one roof

On-ground Assistance

Our experienced management team helps you in discovery of the best solar investments for utility scale projects, filing in competitive bidding processes, land procurement, obtaining subsidies and regulatory approvals

Financial Consulting

We assist you in navigating the complete financial landscape of the project. This includes creating detailed financial analysis, cash flow profile and advising you on the best possible financial structuring of the project

Performance Guarantee & Lifetime Support

What if the solar plant stops working? Or is not running at optimal levels? We'll probably know before you do.!

Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee best-in-class energy generation from the solar plants we create for you. Our engineering expertise coupled with dedicated efforts to ensure up-time help us make sure we deliver on this promise - every time!

Rapid Troubleshooting

State-of-the-art monitoring systems enable us to keep an eye on the performance of the asset down to the last string. This helps us in carrying out preventive maintenance measures and rapidly troubleshoot any issues that might hamper your access to energy from your system

Lifetime Support

We keep you updated with the performance of your plant through business grade reports on daily, weekly and monthly energy generation and all O&M activities carried out. These are in addition to the real-time data available to you through the monitoring systems

Assured Quality & Timely Execution

Delivering a high quality solar power system is our top priority. Our quality control team's unfailing focus in designing, procuring and executing according to defined processes ensure top class and timely execution of projects.

Process Oriented

We pride ourselves on being a thoroughly process oriented company. All our processes are designed to ensure the best results in each stage of the project and allow seamless co- ordination between the multiple teams working together to commission the project

Design Practice

Our designs are distilled from meticulous site surveys, customer understanding, expert balance of system designing and exhaustive testing with system simulator software. This is further assessed by experienced Third party consultants to confirm it is per IS standards before we roll it out to the procurement team. We pay great importance to the details of the overall system and have earned ourselves a reputation for building high performing and aesthetic power systems


Technology procurement is driven by thorough industry research and design requirements. We partner only with reputed and industry proven vendors to ensure delivering the best in technology. Material testing and quality checks are performed by procurement team before delivery

The SunSure Team

We are a team of IIT alumnus driven to propel India into a solar powered energy-sufficient future. We are passionate about renewable energy and continuously strive to bring cutting-edge technology to stage a better experience for our customers. At SunSure Energy, it is our mission to create a portfolio of 1000 MW of solar power assets by 2020 and create a larger ecosystem of technologies like energy storage and energy efficiency in the country for a cleaner and more stable power supply.

Shashank Sharma

Founder, CEO

B.Tech in Electrical Engineering with experience of 6 years in Renewable Energy Sector , Power El...

Shantanu Faugaat


B.Tech & M.Tech in Chemical Engineering. Specialist in Structuring and Risk management of structu...

Manish Mehta


IIT Delhi Alumnus (B.Tech & M.Tech) in Electrical Engineering. Experience of 6 years in Finan...

Rajiv Kulshreshtha

Head - Sales & Marketing

Electrical engineer and MBA. Over 30 years of experience working in Automotive, Power, Agricultur...

Kartikeya Narain Sharma

Head - Growth & Strategy

Data Scientist and B.Tech in Civil Engineering. Extensively trained in Town Planning. Experience ...