Financial Gains

SunSure Energy is the complete solutions partner on your Solar Power journey. We help you from conceptualizing your solar investment to commissioning of the asset and its operations over the complete lifetime - all from under one roof!

Save on Bills

Our commercial and industrial customers are saving up to 50% on their electricity bills every year.

High Returns

Utility scale investments in solar power plants promise IRR of 20% - 40% depending on contracted tariff.

Tax Benefits

Combined with policy incentives in India like Accelerated Depreciation, Tax Holiday and other import exemptions, investments offer a payback period of 2 - 4 years for both rooftop and utility scale solar plants. Undoubtedly, RIGHT NOW the best time to invest in this technology in India.

Environmental Gains

Solar power is the cleanest source of energy in the World!

Reduce CO2

Each kWh unit taken from your solar plant saves 800 gms of CO2 emissions into the environment

Greener Environment

100 kW of installed solar power is equivalent to planting >5000 trees cleansing the air for every year of the lifetime of the plant

Save Water

100 kW of installed solar power helps save > 2 Lacs lit. water every year wasted in coal power generation

Easy Installation

Solar is the most accessible source of energy. It is also the quietest and safest way to produce power! Be it a tin shed, con crete rooftop, any kind of flat land, the installation has become low risk due to the evolution in solar technology and structural engineering

Smooth Transition

Solar power seamlessly adds to your existing sources of power - grid electricity, diesel generators, gas turbines or any others

Quick Construction

Rooftop or ground mounted, solar plants take an average of 3 months for a complete set up

Very Safe

Modern technological aids like pre -fabricated structures, silicon roof sealants and protection devices make sure that the robustness of your facility is unaffected by the addition of the solar plant

Low Maintenance

Once set up, it just works! The only fuel required for generating electricity is the Sunshine.

Real Time Monitoring

Smart equipment used in the solar plant ensures you have a clear view into exactly how your investment is performing. Energy generated, sunshine received, equipment health - every thing you need to know about your plant is available to you at the click of a button

Low Cost Maintenance

Cleaning of the panels is the primary cost incurred for maintenance

Integrated O&M Services

We provide you with an integrated O&M Service, wherein we monitor your plant round the clock and proactively drive any measures necessary to make sure you get maximum benefit from your investment

India Needs It

In our country of 1.25 Billion people, energy needs are growing manifold and rapidly. As per CEA, India reached annual per capita electricity consumption of 1,010 kWh in 2015. By this parameter, we are still amongst the lowest ranking in the World, with developed nations standing at 15,000 kWh.

National Growth

With the country maintaining a high GDP growth rate, solar energy is the perfect source to furnish the increasing energy requirement for our growth

Cleaner India

Increased dependence on Solar implies a cleaner, greener source for all our energy requirements and a shining nation

bridging the gap

Owing to its high accessibility, Solar is the vehicle for transforming the energy landscape of our country. It's strength lies in the ability to reduce dependence on the country's ailing transmission infrastructure and deliver electricity right from where it produces