Rooftop Services

With grid tariffs higher than ever and fuel prices through the roof, this is the perfect time to power your business with sol ar energy - right from your rooftop! You also save massively through various tax benefits associated with rooftop solar, as India pushes to set up 40 GW of rooftop solar by 2022. Our customers are saving up to 50% on their annual electricity expenditure and reducing their carbon footprint - thanks to the best-in-class power generation from our solar power systems. As a company, we focus only on the Industrial and Commercial segment for rooftop solar solutions. We believe this gives us an edge in developing our expertise and providing the best overall experience to our customers.


Involve us right from when you start thinking of solar and we will help you figure out all the key questions in choosing the right solution - Why Solar? Where to put? How much to put? Our experts conduct a site visit to analyze various aspects like shade free rooftop area available, existing sources of power, earthing & electrical infrastructure and natural conditions such as temperature & solar irradiation. Based on this study, we suggest a suitable siz e of the solar power system for maximum benefit

System Design

Our Rooftop system designs are the backbone of the best-in-class power generation produced by our systems. Our experienced design team leverages data from multiple on and off ground sources to estimate the system performance across thousands of possible configurations. The b est configuration is chosen and vetted by reputed third party consultants to ensure alignment with IS standards

Financial Structuring

Our team of financial experts helps you find the best source of finance for your rooftop project from NBFCs, Retail and Indus trial banks. Once the size of the system is decided, we work with you to find the most attractive financial offers that suit your profile and enhance the r eturn on your investment

EPC - Execution

Processes created and refined over our extensive rooftop solar experience drive our EPC. Our vendor -neutral approach gives us the advantage to procure the best suited technology for your plant and our scale of operations helps us get the best price. On -site execution is closely monitored as per our processes and complete co- ordination with your personnel and operations is ensured. Our quick, timely and unobtrusive execution practices have delighte d all of our customers and our relationships have resulted in multiple repeat orders

Operations & Maintenance

Our O&M process starts right from the design stage. We align the O&M schedule and requirements to the system design to create an offering that is truly customized and blends in with your existing operations seamlessly. Diligent remote monitoring and regular system tes ting is done with the aim to continuously improve the plant performance. We provide you with complete transparency on the on -going O&M activity along with reporting to help compare system performance against design expectations. This integrated approach ensures your business achieves the maximum from your solar investment.